Friday, May 4, 2018

Dr. Timothy Hildebrandt's Summer Course in Beijing on NGOs, August 6-17

Dr Timothy Hildebrandt (associate professor of social policy at the LSE) is again offering his course on Chinese social organisations this coming August 6-17 at the LSE-PKU Summer School. In the course—which is consistently ranked highest in student satisfaction at the Summer School—students will gain a theoretical grounding in the development of NGOs generally, as well as a deep empirical understanding of how these organisations have developed in China.

The course is dynamic by design, responsive to the fast changing environment for NGOs in China; it is cutting edge in its discussion of new issues and exploration into concepts and theories to understand them. Particular attention is paid to emerging issues, such as changes in laws on registration, the precarious future of international NGOs, and the growth of government-organised NGOs (GONGOs) and social enterprises. Although no single issue area is the central focus, lectures and seminars will draw attention to environmental protection, public health, HIV/AIDS, elder care, labour, and LGBT rights, among others.

The intensive 2-week course is designed for a wide variety of students. In the past, the class has included advanced undergraduates, those just having completed their bachelors, masters students, PhD students, and career professionals in government, law, and business.

To learn more about the course and apply for the summer school, please visit The deadline for applying is June 15. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Dr Hildebrandt at

Please feel free to disseminate this widely to any individuals or institutions where you think there might be interest! 

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