Sunday, June 5, 2016

Draft Regulations for Social Service Organzations and Foundations Posted for Public Comment (deadline: June 26, 2016)

This has been an incredibly busy year when it comes to nonprofit, NGO regulation in China.

Following the passage of the Charity Law in April and the Overseas NGO Law in May, the Ministry of Civil Affairs is now issuing draft revisions of the regulations for management of Social Service Organizations (formerly called Civil Non-Enterprise Institutions), and for management of Foundations.

The draft regulations for Social Service Organizations (shehui fuwu jigou, 社会服务机构)can be found here, and for Foundations (jijinhui, 基金会)can be found here. The deadline for your comments is June 26, 2016.

1) Comments can be submitted via the website

2) Comments can be sent as emails to

3) Comments can also be posted to the following address:

Department of Policies and Laws of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, No.147 North Heyan Street, Docheng District, Beijing, Zip: 100721. (On the envelope please indicate ‘Comments on the Draft Regulation on the Registration and Management of Civil Non-Enterprise Units’) (北京市东城区北河沿大街147号民政部政策法规司,邮政编码:100721, 并请在信封上注明“民非条例征求意见”字样)

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